Company Summary

Aaction Traffic has been established since March 2007.

The Company Principals have been engaged in the Traffic Control Industry for over a decade and have a vast knowledge of all aspects of traffic management.

Aaction Traffic has a professional team of traffic control specialists dedicated to providing their clients with reliable, safe and efficient traffic control solutions.

Developed with a structure that meets all the demands of the industry, Aaction Traffic has comprehensive policies in place that aim to provide a safe working environment for all involved.


Our Vision for the Future

Our Company has a vast growth potential in the traffic control industry and we would like to see and maintain a steady expansion. You, as a new customer, would be part of that process of growth and change.

During growth, some companies tend to lose sight of what is important and fail to meet the need of customers and staff. Aaction Traffic is committed to offering a high standard of service to all our customers.

Aaction Traffic will continue to strive for a harmonious workforce with a high standard of safety.

Our Traffic Controllers are involved with our vision and will continue to offer a professional standard of traffic control to all our customers.